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I am a licensed clinical psychologist and listed in the National Health Register of Health Service Providers. I earned my doctorate (PsyD) from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. With experience in cognitive rehabilitation and neuropsychological testing in both outpatient and hospital settings, I have worked with families and patients having suffered stroke, cognitive decline, and traumatic brain injury. 


For more than 20 years I have been involved in social work and consulting capacities with families of children struggling with physical and cognitive disabilities, behavioral disorders, and problems at school.


For over 15 years I was priviledged to lead the Upward and Onward group of the Separation and Divorce Recovery at First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem, and appreciated the opportunity to share in the redemptive journeys of many individuals on that challenging path.

My primary therapeutic orientation is influenced by two main schools of thought: that of the cognitive behavioral school, with attention to an individual's sense of themselves, their present world around them, and their perception of the future; and that of the solution-oriented school, which is future- and goal-oriented rather than focused on the problem/s. I look at beliefs about ourselves and the world around us ("thoughts we keep thinking"), the assumptions behind those beliefs, and the subsequent impact on mood and expectations. I maintain an awareness of the impact of physical conditions on the mind and vice versa.

Photo by Bonita Fisher 

How is our mind like a garden?

We are the deciders: of what grows and what does not. We feed, weed, and prune, in concert with environmental conditions; either with intention or without.

The results, I believe, are by the author's design.

In neuropsychological assessment, I am a sleuth on a mission: to learn as much as possible about how my client's brain is receiving, assimilating, retaining and retrieving information (learning and memory); to identify compromised and spared functions (in the case of injury/insult); and in all cases recommendations for rehabilitation/accommodation to leverage present functioning and future potential. When working with youngsters, I compose a summary report specific to that individual's ability level of comprehension, for instance "Johnny's Brain Map." I prefer that my assessments drive and guide remedial and accomodation efforts as are warranted by the results, and not remain a nice-looking work on the bookshelf.


 In additional to clinical research interests, I am fascinated by what are termed bi-directional influences: cognition on physiology/immunity and vice versa (e.g. worry/anxiety on measures of physical health); the same cognition on the human gut biome (termed the "second brain"), and vice versa (e.g. gut biome on mood and cognition);


An unabashed perpetual student, I enjoy exploring the history of world religions, energetic/vibrational aspects of human physiology, healing and health maintenance potential of the human biome (gut, skin),the "rediscovery" of ancient/traditional modes of healing (e.g. Indian/Ayurvedic, Chinese, American Indian), biodynamic agriculture methods, the history and craft of fibre arts in general, et cetera. 


At home, I am an avid gardener, landscape designer, and ballroom dancer, kept in constant time management challenge by a family of 6: my husband, daughter and her 3 children, as well as 2 huge dogs, 2 cats and a solitary bunny.


Current memberships include Pennsylvania Psychological Association; American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology (affiliate); listed in the National Health Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. 

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