THERAPY - to assist an individual, couple or family in working through presenting issues or problems: mood problems (anxiety, depression, anger / impulsivity, living in a challenging world); relational problems (between partners, parents-children, extended family, work-related, social); health problems, to the extent influenced or exacerbated by cognition (see Health Psychology/Wellness, below); school problems (difficulty with learning or retaining information; with study, attention or organization, etc.);  adjustment problems (loss of a loved one, marital change, re-location, employment); health status change (late onset degenerative or chronic disability, head injury).

                  - to maximize wellness by developing a more positive, hopeful outlook on life; to collaborate on a Life Plan to meet specific goals desired.

                  -  Help with parenting - dealing with behavior problems, discipline, school problems, etc. 


HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY/WELLNESS - to assist with the challenge of breaking self-defeating habits; to maximize the power of cognition (thinking) to influence overall well-being; to leverage an individual's efforts at weight-loss / management.


TESTING / ASSESSMENTpsychological and neuropsychological testing of both children and adults: to identify strengths and areas of challenge for neuro-rehab post-injury; for educational recommendations / remediation strategies; etc. 


NEURO-REHAB - to assist individuals after injury to the nervous system (e.g. stroke, brain injury), to minimize functional limitations and maximize remaining capabilities.


FORENSIC - court-ordered evaluations, reunification, supervised visitation. Limited to parameters set in advance, with mutual agreement.

                    - determination of mental status / competency


CONSULTATION - with parents, teachers, agencies, clinics. For school-related issues; behavioral treatment/planning consults; parenting consults specific to diffability issues (e.g. "spectrum" challenges). 


PUBLIC SPEAKING / PROFESSIONAL TRAINING - positive psychology; gut-brain connection; DIFFabilities; thought management; more.

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Inukshuk (in-ook-shook) are stone markers erected by the Inuits of the Arctic as signposts and directional aids. The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is “someone was here” or “you are on the right path.” A welcome sight they were to lonely travelers through forbidding landscapes. Interestingly, they are built from indigenous stone on hand by the balancing of one atop the next. Balance. Is essential.



 - Help with educational struggles, study habits,               behavioral problems.


 - Help with mood issues (anxiety, fears, withdrawn, depression, etc.).


 - Diagnostic determination* / assessment of learning strengths and style preferences as well as areas of challenge/difficulty. 


 - Remediation and accomodation strategies for areas of difficulty, concurrent with leveraging areas of strength.


 - DIFFabilities (what some term disabilities): identifying academic, social and personal strengths; building on strengths and preferences to maximize capabilities and contributions. 


* includes complete neuropsychological evaluation

Note to referral sources: Applicable referrals for therapy include those experiencing problems with  mood (anxiety, depression), sleep (too little, too much), behavior (anger, impulsivity, distractibility, difficulty concentrating), dealing with life transitions (divorce, death, career, etc.), tenacious habits, or weight loss/management.


Referrals for neuropsychological testing include those with possible learning or information processing disorders; difficulty with organization, concentration or sustained focus; a history of difficulty with academics, life transitions or career difficulties; those post-brain injury or insult.

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"The greatest wealth is health."

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